Team Building Activities at Minghang Sportswear Oct 04, 2020

Team building activities at Minghang Sportswear

As an ethical and sustainable company, Dongguan Minghang Garments Co.,Ltd. pays close attention to the physical and psychological health for our employess, and to strengthen the cohesive force and teamwork, we would organize team building activities twice a year for our more than 300+ employees, including a R&D team with a consisting of 7 pattern makers, a Backbone sales team with over 20 skilled sales representatives, and our more than 200 seasoned production workers.

Teamwork at Minghang Sportswear

Kent Chen, the sales manager of Minghang Sportswear, said, "When it comes to team building, I think it's an investment, for it builds trust, encourages communication, strengthen the bonding of our team and increases collaboration and responsiblities, which is good for our company's culture and sustained growth. Also it's what an ethical and sustainable company does "

Special high tea at Minghang Sportswear

At Minghang Sportswear, we are a family! It's key to find ways to keep the excitements going. Spending time together, sharing experiences or working towards a common goals, exchanges ideas from each other allows bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively, leading to Minghang Sportswear become one of the top fitness clothing wholesaler and manufacturer in China.

As a German saying goes that, " Those who work alone, add; those who work together, multiply." In this spirit, Let us work together to promote interconnected growth for our activewear business!

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