How Can You Benefit From Super September Sep 10, 2021

Super September 2021 Event is right under way, and this annual event creates the perfect opportunities for businesses, no matter you are a notable brand or just startup owner, to prepare or reorder the inventories for the upcoming holiday season. In this post, we are going to run through the ins and outs of Super September 2021 and provide everything you need to know about joining this promotion activity.

What is 2021 Super September Event?

Super September is an annual warm up event for the upcoming holiday seasons like Black Friday, Christmas Day and etc., featuring great deals and promotions for our clients that are looking to prepare for the peak holiday season. The Super September 2021 Sales Event lasts from September 1st to September 30th with abundant discount and perks that are designed to help small business quickly start up their own activewear line.

5 Benefits can get from Super September

Super September on Sales

The main benefit of ordering during Super September is that Sportswear Brands or other e-Commerce retailers can increase their inventory for the approaching shopping season while enjoying great deals and perks. Let's take a look at the specific promotions and discounts that you can assess during this Month-long Sales Event

Sample Discount: 

  • Buy 3 Samples and Get 1 for Free! 
This discount is designed to help startup owners to easily and smoothly create and build their activewear brand. It takes about 7~15 days to get your customized samples thanks to our in-house fashion designers, 6 pattern makers and a dozen of sample workers. Click here to get started now!

Bulk Order Discounts: 

In order to offer our clients a way to increase their profit margin throughout the Super September, we set up a series of discounts on bulk orders as below.

  • Save US$50 when the order amount is up to US$3,000;
  • Save US$100 when the order amount is up to US$5,000;
  • Get US$250 off when the order amount is up to US$10,000;
  • Get US$550 returned when the order amount is up to US$20,000;

For more info and perks, reach out to us to have the benefit of accessing great deals and discount. 

What we can help you with your business?

  • Free Pattern Designs: Thanks to our in-house fashion designs, we are able to turn your design concept into reality in 7~15 days;
  • Logo Customization: Our graphic designers are capable of designing your own brand logo, and advise you of multiple techniques for your logo design;
  • Fabric Development: We have self-own fabric factory that are able to develop the fabrics that you required;
  • Fast Lead Time:We have over 200 senior technical workers with a 8-plus experience in this industry, our monthly capacity is up to 500,000pcs;
  • Enhanced Shipping: Multiple Shipping methods for your selected to ensure speedy shipping.

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