• How to Start Customizing?
    How to Start Customizing? May 23, 2022
    All sizes and colors under each product can be combined to meet our MOQ. We sincerely recommend startups to use our existing product catalog, which is obtained through extensive data research, which will make your brand launch easier. Furthermore, for each product, we offer two services: Add Logo This design is the most convenient and economical. Choose your favorite pieces from our catalog, label...
  • How to Choose UPF Shirts?
    How to Choose UPF Shirts? May 16, 2022
    Does wearing long-sleeved clothes outdoors really prevent sunburn? It depends on whether your clothing allows light to pass through. If you can see the light through your clothes, the sun will pass through and cause a sunburn. Therefore, the fabric of the clothes is essential, which will directly affect whether you will get sunburned. First of all, sun shirts made of synthetic fabrics such as poly...
    The beach is the most fun place in summer, but what if you get sunburned on the beach? Here are a few ways you can prepare for sun protection. 1. Sun protection clothing You may not realize that you can get sunburned through your skin. One of the easiest ways to avoid tanning and sunburn is to start incorporating sun protection into your wardrobe. Whether you're spending a day at the beach or need...
  • Benefits of Quick Drying Fabrics
    Benefits of Quick Drying Fabrics May 05, 2022
    Quick dry fabrics are fabrics designed to absorb sweat from the body, pushing it towards the outer edge of the garment and promoting natural evaporation. Minghang Garments has recently launched new clothing with quick dry properties, including quick dry shorts, quick dry leggings, quick dry yoga set, etc. Wear quick dry clothing to keep you dry during exercise. During training, sweat production ma...
  • How to Wash Your Sports Pants?
    How to Wash Your Sports Pants? May 04, 2022
    Are you still worried about how to clean your new sports pants? As we all know, most dark sports pants will fade a little when they are washed. How can we avoid fading as much as possible? 1. If it is the first time after buying it, you need to pour some white vinegar or salt in the water, and at the same time turn the sports pants over and soak them for about half an hour to lock the color. White...
  • Essential Sportswear for Spring
    Essential Sportswear for Spring Apr 26, 2022
    Spring is here, bid farewell to the cold winter. A stylish set of sportswear will not only keep you stylish in the moment of exercise but also improve your exercise efficiency. How to choose stylish and comfortable gym clothes? Below, I will recommend you a few must-have gym clothes for spring. 1. Sports Bra Pick a stylish sports bra that not only protects your breasts from sagging during exercise...
  • How Can You Get Benefit from Gym Shorts While Working Out
    How Can You Get Benefit from Gym Shorts While Working Out Apr 07, 2022
    If you’re anything like us, gearing up for your workout in sportswear that looks - and feels - good is the fantastic way to ensure a successful exercise. However, as the weather warms up, working out in the heat is difficult enough without having to worry about your legs burning in full-length tights. While selecting a nice pair of workout shorts should be straightforward, there are many fact...
  • Get A View Of Popular Yoga Fabric
    Get A View Of Popular Yoga Fabric Mar 25, 2022
    We all know that polyester is an important position of fabric we use in yoga, but we don't know the some features of polyester fibers very well. Let's take a look and then you can make a decision on whether you want to use the polyester fabric or not. Can you shrink polyester? Polyester is synthetic and does not undergo too much shrinkage unless it is blended with other natural fibers such as cott...
  • Difference Between Tank Top and Singlet
    Difference Between Tank Top and Singlet Mar 22, 2022
    As summer is approaching, do you have tank tops and singlets ready in wardrobe? Do you know the difference between a tank top and a singlet? Seems to me that it’s quite similar to each other. In practice, it is not so easy to distinguish clearly these two words. Tank top and Singlet are two sleeveless garments that are often confused by many people. The main difference between tank top and singlet...
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